Alternative Oats is founded on the principle of offering a delicious, all natural and filling breakfast that is not only convenient but keeps you full until lunch. We don’t chase fad diet trends, cut corners or advertise anything other than what we offer: pure, simple ingredients combined to make the most delicious and nutritionally complete breakfast on the market. Oatmeal Reimagined.

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island spice oat flour pancake mix

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Tropical and rich island flavors from dragonfruit, pure vanilla and coconut mix into a firey pink and wholly unique gluten-free pancake experience that is sure to leave your eyes and tastebuds equally impressed.

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Our unique speciality blends all follow a basic framework of ingredient building blocks including nutrient-dense nuts, seeds, fruits and superfoods that when combined with oats create not only the most unique oatmeal flavor profiles on the market but also deliver incredibly balanced nutritional benefits to provide you a perfectly nutritious and healthy start to your day. Found a blend you love? Shop our flavor packs to get your favorite flavors shipped right to your door.

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the alternative OATS formula


Our organic, gluten-free oats contain high levels of soluble and insoluble fiber which help to lower cholesterol and stabilize blood sugar levels.


Full of protein, fiber and healthy fats, nuts are a nutritional powerhouse that complement our recipes and and are a major contributor to our nutritional profiles.


Loaded with fiber, protein, essential fatty acids and minerals, seeds add a nutritional boost and delicious texture to anything they’re paired with.


We’ve hand selected some of the most antioxidant-rich plant compounds to provide visually unique yet equally powerful nutritional benefits in our blends.

original blend

With a balanced mix of healthy nuts and seeds, it packs a protein punch balanced with the sweetness of coconut and tartness of cranberries.

açaí bowl

A unique play on the Brazilian Açaí Bowl, this blend combines the dark hues of Açaí with bright and tart flavors from pure guava and banana.

island spice

Tropical and rich island flavors from dragonfruit, pure vanilla and coconut mix into a firey pink and wholly unique oatmeal experience.

banana bread

A delicious and savory blend of pure banana and organic cacao make for a nutritious breakfast in a delightful play on freshly baked banana bread.

peaches & cream

A perfect balance of sweet and savory from fresh diced peaches and real cream with an earthy texture from southern pecans and golden flax seed.


A childhood favorite reimagined into a delicious oatmeal blend with pure grape, organic hemp seeds and pure almond butter powder.

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oatmeal variety packs

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Say hello to your very own sampler! Our oatmeal variety packs come in both 5 and 10 meal quantities so that you can enjoy each unique blend and get to know all of our flavor profiles. 


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our OATS

Our oats are sourced exclusively from only a handful of sustainably run and family-owned farms in North America. We have sourced the cleanest, best quality oats on the market which serves as an important base for all the other incredible ingredients we have sourced to develop and produce our unique and delicious flavors.

Our Ingredients

quality oats for a quality meal


Our supplier’s organic oats are exclusively procured from the certified organic farmers that grew them, ensuring purity, quality and and a direct linkage to the farms themselves.


Though oats are naturally gluten-free, many producers do not prevent cross-contamination. Our oats are certified gluten-free and vigorously tested to prevent gluten contamination.


While we didn't set out to be a vegan brand, 4 of our 5 blends are completely vegan friendly, not to mention that oats themselves are a great source of iron to support a healthy vegan diet.


Farmers who partner with our supplier commit to sustainable practices across all facets of their operations which contribute to continuity of high-quality oats.

that's right, we're sourcing the absolute BEST on the market

We hate sub ingredients. Good food shouldn’t have a long ingredients list or tons of sub-ingredients, a sign of highly processed foods. So we’ve searched high and low to source the purest, cleanest ingredients available to bring you something entirely unique, natural and entirely delicious!

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alternative OATS subscription

A good breakfast should be easy. Choose a subscription plan to ensure your favorite oat blends are always on hand, ready to share and you never have to skip or sacrifice a great start to the day! Not to mention subscription savings, free shipping and exclusive access to new flavors and alternative oats goodies!