About alternative OATS

All Natural | Delicious | Nutritious | Convenient

alternative OATS is founded on the principle of offering a delicious, all natural, and filling breakfast that is not only convenient but keeps you full through the morning. We don’t chase fad diet trends, cut corners or advertise anything other than what we offer: OATMEAL REIMAGINED

Our blends mix some of the most nutritiously complete yet delicious ingredients on the planet, perfectly combined for an optimal start to the day. Our mission is to do away with the notion that oatmeal is either a bland and boring breakfast option or an overly sugared and processed product that completely tramples the benefits of including oats as a regular part of your diet routine. As an alternative to the past notions of oatmeal, we have rediscovered the potential of oats that when combined and mixed with incredibly clean and highly nutritious ingredients will create a completely new perspective on the power of oats.

We believe in sourcing and blending the best ingredients nature has created to build the most balanced, delicious and easily repeatable breakfast option available to busy people who love food, seek consistently balanced options in their diet and want to have some fun and actually enjoy what they are eating.

We’ve had so much fun building our own custom oatmeal blends over the last six years and decided to take a shot and share them with a broader community who want something different than what the retail shelves offer for breakfast.

We are uncompromising on quality, relentless on delivering our products at the best possible price and committed to making sure that every customer is a believer in our product and mission. We hope you will become a part of #oatmealreimagined and spread the word if our oatmeal blends woke you up to the possibility of a better breakfast.